Being happy: 20 tips and exercises for more happiness in everyday life

To be happy: what is it?

When are you happy? When you ask different people when they are so glad (or could be), many people talk about external circumstances: a great job, great love, a lovely holiday, a great car, … Of course, these things can make you happy when you have them, but they are not a requirement, and that’s a good thing.

Being happy is often a matter of little things. Many little happy moments add up to a great deal of happiness. And you can take care of these little moments no matter what the circumstances in your life are. We’ll give you 20 ideas, tips, and exercises to make you happier.

More happiness in everyday life with these tips and exercises

Do things that you love

In daily stress, things that are important to us often go under. Yet, what you love is the best luck donor. To be happy, you should, therefore, take your time regularly. If you do not know what you like to do, it’s high time to find out.

Spend time with people that are important to you

Spending a relaxing day with the family, sitting with friends, having a chat with your old schoolmate … Spending time with people we care about has the best potential for moments of happiness.

Be thankful

Gratitude causes happiness almost immediately, and best of all, we can learn it. As an exercise, you can get used to writing down three things daily for which you are grateful. These can be important, existential things, like your kids or enough to eat. But even tiny moments often leave us grateful – and happy – back.

Reduce stress

Stress is probably the greatest lucky killer of our time. If you’re rushing from one appointment to another, you have neither a glimpse of the beautiful, nor time for the things that matter to you. Also, stress makes you sick. Sufficient reasons to reduce stress in your life, right? How it works is very individual, because it depends on the factors that cause you a lot of stress. Maybe you have to give up tasks, maybe solve open conflicts or even separate you from certain people. But sometimes it’s also small things like better time management or regular short breaks to help relieve the stress in your life.

Go outside

Nature is a vast luck donor. This is especially clear when we stand on the beach and look out to the sea. But also river banks, forests, flower meadows or snow-covered fields make happy. And if it’s just gray outside, then at least the daylight and the air will do us right. Various studies have shown that people who are out regularly are also happier.

Learn to say no

Anyone who keeps churning up tasks (or even goods) wastes a lot of time, effort, and money. Being happy also means knowing what is not suitable for you and not doing it as much as possible. Of course, it can not always be avoided that sometimes annoying tasks are needed. But you do not have to say yes to unpleasant hard work that nobody else wants to do. Learn to say no and enjoy the little happiness of not having to do an unpleasant task.

Work on your dreams and visions

What goals do you want to achieve in life? What is your view of a fulfilled life? What thoughts are still waiting to become a reality? Take these goals, ideas, and desires seriously and work daily to get closer to them. Even if the fulfillment is still a long way off, even a small step in the right direction makes you happy.

Write down moments of happiness

Probably the most effective exercise for more joy in everyday life is this: Write as many moments of joy as possible daily. Make it a regular habit in the evening and collect at least three lucky moments of the day. You may find this problematic at the beginning, but after a short while, you will notice that during the day, you pay more attention to what makes you happy. And that leads to significantly more moments of happiness than before.

Doing sports

Sport releases endorphins, and they make you happy. Also, exercise improves our health. And being healthy and fit is also a reasonable basis for happiness. So if you do not do it anyway, you should start to move more regularly now.


In meditation, thoughts can finally settle and make way for relaxation. Many people, therefore, consider meditating a significant luck factor. Just try it.

Ensure a balance between giving and take

If you are always looking for your benefit, you will not be happy in the long run. Whoever gives and expels himself, also not. Pleased are the people who can accept good on the one hand, but also like to pass it on to others. This can relate to many areas of life: money, time, compliments, attention, help …

Treat yourself lovingly

Let’s face it: how do you handle yourself? Do you take care of your needs? Do you encourage yourself in your thoughts, or do you tend to be small if something fails? Do you make sure that you get everything you need for well-being? Many people feel that other people are responsible for such things, but that is a big mistake that quickly makes one unhappy. First and foremost, it is up to you to treat you lovingly.

Banish things (and people) that harm you

What is wrong with you? Which tasks, objects, or even people are annoying you always, without there are good times? If there are such factors in your life, you should seriously try to get rid of them. Nothing and nobody has the right to harm us permanently. Banish such things as well as people from your life.

Ensure good sleep

That enough sleep is an essential factor of happiness; we all know from experience. Nevertheless, we often do not do enough for it. There are many ways to ensure better sleep: go to bed early. For relaxation in the evening. Optimize the bed and the bedroom so that they give real rest. Adjust the daily schedule as much as possible to your biorhythm. Do without alcohol. What is it about you when you sleep poorly? And how can you change that?

Find beautiful things in your area

A little exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere: No matter where you are, try to find something beautiful in your environment. Just a tiny little thing is enough to turn your eyes on something positive and thus to become happier.

Live in the here and now

You can not change the past, and how the future develops, you can not say that today. Especially happy are the people who manage to live a lot in the here and now. This means not always dealing with the past and not looking for happiness in an uncertain future. If you want to be happy, be it now, no matter what the circumstances are.

Learn to forgive

Old anger and hurt feelings can be lucky killers. The remedy: forgiveness. Many people do not want or can not forgive because they do not realize one thing: your grudge does not hurt the person who did something to you, Forgiveness does not mean forgetting everything or approving an act. It just means liberating yourself from the injuries of the past.

Look at what you have

Many people pay particular attention to the things or skills they would like but do not have. The neighbors have a bigger car, the girlfriend is slimmer and still the man for life … If you keep your mind on the shortage, that makes you unhappy. Turn your attention to the things you already have. Because they form the basis for your happiness. You can practice this point of view with the exercise of gratitude that we have already presented to you above.


A few years ago, you noticed something unusual: the brain seems to be picking up information about how we are from the facial muscles. This means that when you smile even when you do not feel like it-you signal yourself that you’re okay, and the brain spills out the appropriate messengers that make you happier. To smile at yourself and others, that alone can make you happy.

Start today

Moving your luck into the future does not work. If you want to be happier, you have to start today. Just pick two or three of the tips you like best and put them into action today.