There is a real feeling of a newborn

There is no better feeling in the world than hearing the first crying after the birth of a baby. When you hold your newborn for the first time, there will be a mood. There may be some tears. Congratulations, you’re a new father now. 

 You spent nine months preparing your baby’s arrival, and now they’re here. Maybe you took a parenting course or went to Lamaze, you have your nursery all ready and ready to use. Do your best to be prepared. 

 But what does a newborn like? 


 The days after birth tend to leave new mothers and fathers in madness. And in the hospital, you might think you’ll have free time to catch up with your favorite TV show, or snuggle up to your newborn and read a good book. 

 But what about reality? The days after childbirth in the hospital are exhausted. Nurses review her life every few hours, as well as the life of the baby, press her tummy to check the uterus. 

 They’ll examine the vaginal bleeding and look for blood clots. If you have a C-section, your mother will stop at some point to check your incision — the gravity of your tears. 

 The first night of a newborn is happy — for most newborn parents, your baby will sleep well at night. Nobody tells you that the second night is considered “baby awakening.” Picked up and checked by strangers, they are surrounded by strange noise; they are cold. On the second night, some newborns feed on a cluster — a series of foods are usually consecutive for hours. 

 Nurses weigh the baby during hospitalization, but they do not always tell him that it is reasonable to lose weight after birth. This can frustrate some parents, because their newborns, despite intensive feeding, do not always tell you that this is normal. 


 Still, learning to breastfeed is the most challenging thing for new mothers. Newborns may not be able to properly lock due to a loop on the tongue or lips, which makes the baby and mother stable. Not enough colostrum is provided in the first days of lactation. 

 The mother has to stay on time as soon as the milk arrives. If the mother does not pump water for several hours, the breast is filled and leads to mastitis. 

 There is always a chance that breast milk will not come, and new parents will have to feed their infant formula. If parents use the method, there are many options to choose from. 

 Whatever method you choose, remember that “the Fed is the best.” 

 New parental offenses 

 Parents can get a lot of information about safe sleep, breastfeeding versus formula, and vaccinations. It can be overwhelming to make a decision as a new parent, do not be surprised if you receive unsolicited advice, which will add pressure to the new family. If they’re enough to meet your new baby. 

 Nobody’s gonna be 100% ready to become parents, but it’s okay. Oh, yeah.