9 space-saving closet hacks

If you live a smaller wardrobe, you can change your costume set to maximize free space. Although things can spill your wardrobe right now, you can turn your wardrobe into a beautiful and organized space.

1. Double Hanging Wardrobe Bar

If there is not enough storage space for hanging clothes, there are several options to choose from. If most of the things hanging in the closet are separated, then the clothes bar hanging inside the closet, then the current one of the additional clothes bars hanging under you will double the hanging space.

If there are many long pieces in your wardrobe, the amazing hanging bar is a viable option. This way, your long lasting items can be on one side of the wardrobe, and the rest of the wardrobe can have double hanging bars.

You do not have to install additional cabinet bars to the wall this trick, either, can be slow and expensive. The Double Hanging Clothes Bar is a simple and inexpensive option for those looking for more closet space, usually retail below $20.

2. Footwear Organization

Most of the time, we throw them on the ground and take them out every day. Finishing shoes saves not only space, but also the time you wear clothes everytime. on the door shoe organizer, or arrange the box.

3. Maximize the space of your wardrobe

One of the places is the floor. To make the most of your floor space, you can put the shoe organizer, add a dressing table or a storage basket.

On the shelves, you can reuse a storage basket or store folded clothes, using a shelf separator to keep the pile straight. The corner in the closet is often empty, because it is more difficult to get.

4 . Clean your closet.

The first and easiest way to make the most of your wardrobe space is to pass and clean your clothes and accessories. If a project does not belong to your wardrobe, look for a home somewhere else.

If you need a new way to see what you have, some apps like Cloth allow you to upload your clothing collection. Using one of these applications can help you decide to remove obsolete or unnecessary items and make the most of your free space.

5. Wardrobe doors

If you have a hinged wardrobe door, there are many ways to use the back of the door to make better use of your space. You can put a shelf inside the door or hang a shoe organizer, store shoes or accessories. If you remove the door from the closet, you can fit a dressing table or other storage solution, otherwise it will not.

If you do not want to see the interior of your wardrobe at any time, curtains can be a good way to decorate, while covering the opening of the wardrobe.

6. Outdated clothing

Keeping your wardrobe only the clothes of the current season can save a lot of space. Seasonal clothes can be stored under the bed box, vacuum sealed bag, or on a deep shelf behind your current clothes. Easier as well as save space.

7. Hanger

Most cabinets have several types of hanger in the interior, various shapes and sizes. Replacing all kinds of hangers with thin swarm hangers will save so much space! You can also use cascading hangers to hang multiple items, or create your own with a bottle tag, an S-hook, or a chain length.

8. Use Vertical Bend

On the dressing table, you can stack clothes vertically, make everything visible and create more free space in each drawer. If your room does not have room for a chest of drawers, consider making room for it in the closet.

9. Once you’ve done it, keep it to yourself.

After all this work has been put on organizing the wardrobe so that it best suits your needs and take time to keep it. Putting everything back in place each time will save you time in future restructuring.