Training as a parenting consultant on Germany

Parenting is a big challenge for all parents. If parents are facing big problems or just need a bit of everyday support, they can turn to education counselors. These can support parents in their complex tasks and help with words and deeds. We will educate you about education and activities as a parenting consultant.

Occupational field Educational Advisor

To see children growing up is beautiful and challenging at the same time. Parents today face higher demands than in earlier times. There is no longer a single style of education and a range of values ​​that is unanimous in much of society. Parents need to find out for themselves what benefits ​​are important to them and how they can achieve them in education.

At the same time, the demands made on parents and children have increased in recent decades. And: Living together in extended families, which in former times also brought relief for the parents, is no longer common. As a result, the educational work relies on two people, often even on a single person. No wonder that many parents wish for guidance and guidance in the educational sector. The job description of the educational advisor closes this gap.

Educational counselors help parents educate their children to become independent, mature, happy, and friendly individuals. They advise families under challenging situations and help resolve conflicts such as separation situations or school difficulties. They help families to create and maintain a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. They help parents to develop their parenting style and to do their parenting again.

Often it is enough to tell parents that their problems are routine and that they do not have to worry about them unnecessarily. In other cases, more lengthy and in-depth guidance and support are needed. Educational consultants adapt their work precisely to the individual needs of each family.

The tasks of a parenting consultant are:

  • to improve parents’ parenting skills and to strengthen their self-esteem as a parent
  • to advise on problems in the family and develop solutions together with the parents and children
  • to promote the healthy development of children and young people and to keep an eye on their well-being
  • To assist families in difficult situations such as separation, divorce or after a death
  • To offer courses for parents to make them more competent and severe problems may not arise
  • to collaborate with schools and daycare centers
  • to advise on physical abnormalities, for example in writing babies, sleep difficulties, physical disabilities or eating disorders
  • to advise on emotional abnormalities, such as the fears, aggression or sadness of children and adolescents
  • counseling on social defects, such as isolation, lying, sibling problems, criminal activity or addiction problems
  • Provide crisis and emergency counseling during severe disasters, for example, after physical, mental or sexually motivated violence experiences
  • Supporting families in difficult life situations, such as dependencies on a parent, unemployment, mentally ill parents or domestic violence
  • to assist with the handling of digital media, for example through courses or individual counseling
  • to advise pregnant women in difficult situations
  • to plan and conduct preventive information events for parents, adolescents, and children
  • To observe children, adolescents, and parents and to analyze the present problems through a medical history
  • develop individual solution strategies together with the families

Jobs for education consultants

The profession of the educational advisor is versatile. Jobs can, therefore, be found in various work areas. He is also suitable for the self-employed activity.

Educational consultants in school centers

Some schools employ educational counselors to help children and adolescents in the classroom or at midday care, to resolve difficulties, and to be the point of contact for parents.

Educational Counselor in Counseling Centers

In family, youth, or education counseling centers, educational advisors are recruited. They assist in advising families. There are also posts in social or psychosocial services and other outpatient counseling centers. Educational counseling centers exist in the public sector, for example, at the youth welfare office, in charitable institutions, in the vicinity of hospitals, and within the framework of probation and judicial assistance.

Educational consultant in self-employment

Educational consultants can also seek self-employment and provide family-owned advice and courses on their responsibility. This is especially recommended for educational consultants who already start with an educational or psychological education in training and could already gain in-depth experience in the employment relationship.