Training as a health consultant on Germany

The health consultation is concerned with the topics of healthy and balanced nutrition, Decrease, Fitness, and sport. The emphasis is on the meeting to the holistic health.
The health always stands with inquiries after the highest property in the life on place unity. From it, it also results that the health market grows for years vigorously. We are ever more ready to invest time and money in our health care and our well-being. By the demand also the offer rises: The German Fitnessmarkt about, likewise the Food, Pharma and Kosmetikindustrie. In the year 2017, the health economy, with its number of persons employed overhauled even those in the automobile industry. The offer is so large that many lose the overview. This development shows that health consultation plays an ever more critical role in our life, and professional specialists in our current society are indispensable.

Health consultants are dedicated to the question of a healthy lifestyle. It is primarily about the preservation of health and the prevention of diseases. As a health consultant, you are the contact person for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle, change their eating habits, and keep their body fit. You inform your clients about the composition of food, develop individual nutrition plans, personal exercise strategies, and sports programs. The educational work is also part of the job of the health consultant. Especially seniors, children, and pregnant women come into question. It is essential to be sensitive, patient, and individually to people and their needs.

In health counseling, that body and mind are in a symbiotic relationship. Emotional well-being, physical well-being, and the environment are central factors for our well-being and our health. As a health consultant, you know the various factors that influence our health. In-depth knowledge helps you to respond to clients individually and to support them in holistic health at every stage of their lives. Involves reconciling the physical and mental balance if the balance is unstable or lost. The basic idea of ​​comprehensive health counseling is thus to understand healthy people as a unity of body and soul.

The tasks of a health consultant are:

  • To hold counseling talks
  • to attribute the symptoms to their causes
  • Prevention: improving the state of health
  • to convey that a healthy diet is also enjoyable
  • cooking together
  • the creation of nutritional plans
  • designing and planning exercise plans and sports programs
  • Instruct and explain exercises
  • Practical implementation of Kneipp applications
  • To apply and pass on relaxation methods and techniques
  • Lectures and presentations

Training as a health consultant takes the form of continuing education. It opens up a variety of job opportunities in the healthcare industry. Below we have listed a few possible career fields for you to serve as inspiration.

Jobs for nutritional advice and medical supplies

Since it is the job of a health consultant to maintain good health, the focus is on education. You work closely with people and support them in their desire for a healthy lifestyle. There is both the opportunity to be employed in a company and to become self-employed. If you are looking for a permanent position, health centers, social institutions, and (medical) practices are the right choice. Medical supply stores offer you the opportunity to advise customers on the purchase of medicinal products.

Classroom and training room

Teaching as a field of activity of health counselors

As a health consultant, you can work as a teacher in schools and give lectures and lead groups through training programs. Since health consultants usually work as freelancers or freelancers, the form of work often consists of cooperation. Since the health market is immense, there are many different possibilities, such as cooperation with:

  • Community colleges
  • hospitals
  • Companies and businesses
  • various diet clubs
  • kindergartens
  • Gyms
  • surgeries
  • health insurance

In these fields, you can inform your fellow human beings about the basics of holistic health and give valuable advice. You also go individually to specific questions of the participants. However, there are also permanent positions in these areas, such as health advice for health insurance and social insurance.