Occupational field relaxation trainer

At the center of the relaxation training is the stress reduction and bringing about an inner relaxation. The essential principle here is to help people help themselves. This means that relaxation coaches provide participants with helpful relaxation techniques such as autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation, Psychological foundations serve as help for this.

The goal of relaxation training is now to help the participant on this basis to find his inner serenity. This leads to more well-being and an increased quality of life. As soon as the emotional balance is restored and life is no longer characterized by inner restlessness and permanent stress, a more positive attitude to life sets in as a rule. This not only makes it easier to cope better with everyday life but also to increase performance. This affects both the private life and professional life.

The occupational field of the relaxation trainer is very varied, and there are many diverse applications in which they are used. As a relaxation trainer, you can work in the following fields of activity and branches:

  • independence
  • Wellness hotels
  • speech therapy
  • physical therapy
  • psychiatry
  • Rehabilitation and prevention

In seminars and training, participants and customers help them to get active and to do something about the stress.

Self-employed as a relaxation trainer

As an independent relaxation trainer, you can offer courses and workshops in which you pass on your knowledge to the students. It does not just have to be private individuals you work with. Meanwhile, many companies and companies rely on relaxation trainer. Here is your field of activity in the coaching of employees. The goal is to improve the well-being of employees during the work and to increase the performance through the use of relaxation techniques.

Relaxation trainer in the field of prevention, wellness, and health


The demand for qualified relaxation trainers is also increasing in the area of ​​prevention, wellness, and the healthcare industry. The field of activity in the health sector is broadly diversified. Possible occupational fields that open up to you are:

  • rehabilitation clinics
  • surgeries
  • health insurance
  • Older people’s homes and retirement homes

Fitness studios and sports clubs also hire relaxation trainers. For example, if you already work as a yoga teacher, you can expand your qualifications by training as a relaxation trainer. More and more people are looking for relaxation. Some popular places for this are wellness clubs and oases. As an expert in recreation, you can bring visitors to a state of deep relaxation in meditation slurs.